24th FIBA-Asia Championship\Beijing Olympics Basketball

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24th FIBA-Asia ChampionshipBeijing Olympics Basketball

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:28 pm

24th FIBA-Asia ChampionshipBeijing Olympics Basketball Tournament Qualifier

Below is the complete preliminary schedule of all teams.

Preliminary Round
Group A (Topseed - China)
July 28
China vs. Jordan
Iran vs. Philippines

July 29
Philippines vs. China
Jordan vs. Iran

July 30
Iran vs. China
Philippines vs. Jordan

Group B (Topseed - Lebanon)
July 28
UAE vs. Japan
Lebanon vs. Kuwait

July 29
Japan vs. Lebanon
Kuwait vs. UAE

July 30
UAE vs. Lebanon
Japan vs. Kuwait

Group C (Topseed - Qatar)
July 28
Qatar vs. India
Kazakhstan vs. Indonesia

July 29
Indonesia vs. Qatar
India vs. Kazakhstan

July 30
Kazakhstan vs. Qatar
Indonesia vs. India

Group D (Topseed - South Korea)
July 28
Syria vs. Chinese Taipei
South Korea vs. Hongkong of China

July 29
Hongkong of China vs. Syria
Chinese Taipei vs. South Korea

July 30
Chinese Taipei vs. Hongkong of China
Syria vs. South Korea

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